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What is this project?

NetChat is a combination of NetCat and ppp's "chat", put on steroids for high performance. It is meant as a network exercise tool. Using simple "say this, expect this reply" scripts, NetChat can be made to easilly speak most text-based protocols (such as SMTP, HTTP, POP3 etc.), and many binary protocols, very easilly.

In addition to the above, NetChat is built to perform a large number of concurrent connections. This makes NetChat an ideal network protocol stress-test tool.

Current code is limited to client only and simple send/receive matching. Future extensions will include the ability to work in listen mode, as well as use random elements in the replies and requests.

Project's Status

At this stage, the project is evolving fairly rapidly. Watch this space and the project's status page for updates.

Version 0.0.1 Released

Version 0.01 is now available in source form from the SourceForge's download section. It supports the basic functionality with rate control in client only mode. This is already fairly useful, but expect further enhancements in the near future.


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